October 01, 2018

So the debate goes, is memory foam really all that better? It all started over 50 years ago when memory foam was introduced in NASA airplane seats using a substance called viscoelastic. Due to its high energy absorbent and softness, memory foam quickly evolved and started being featured in a variety of products including pillows, mattress pads, mattresses, helmets, and shoes. When it comes down to it, memory foam has the ability to do something that our spring mattresses cannot, and that is to mold to the body in response to heat and pressure. Based on scientific studies, memory foam certainly makes for a strong contender for sleep comfort but when it comes down to it, is it the best?


For years, our only option was a spring mattress but with the ever changing sleep technology, we now have choices. There’s no doubt that this style of mattress is the most affordable and that’s one of the main reasons it is still the most commonly purchased sleep product today. Spring mattresses may give the illusion of comfort at first, especially with those extravagant pillow-tops, but in reality they do not offer sufficient pressure point relief. Why is that? Well, because proper support is unachievable due to the fact that your body does not distribute evenly, meaning areas that carry more weight will push down into the mattress more than others. Due to uneven support, this can cause poor blood circulation, aches, and joint pain. In fact, spring mattresses lose 16% of their support in the first year alone. However, not all is lost. If you are one of the 60% of people that use a spring mattress, there are products available for you to seek extra comfort, such as a topper. These products are designed to cradle and insulate the body, while providing desired support.


Memory foam can certainly have a hefty price tag, which is the biggest con, but can you really put a cost on comfortability? So, what makes them so great? When you look at memory foam compared to a spring mattress, the pressure distribution is significantly higher due to its ability to conform to the sleeper’s body, which means it provides personalized pressure point relief regardless of the way you are resting your head at night. There is continuous support to the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet resulting in superior spinal alignment that both relieves and prevents pain. Additionally, this style of bedding provides excellent support and isolates motion, making it ideal for couples due to less sleep interruptions. This is something spring mattress can simply not achieve.


It is important to note that sleep is difficult to measure and each and every one of us is different. However, one thing remains true and that is that sleep is an essential part of all of our everyday lives. With the average person spending 30% of their life sleeping, the importance of a healthy and supportive mattress cannot be ignored. While a memory foam mattress can appear higher in cost, they last longer with minimal loss of support, and the payoff for a better night sleep makes it worth it.


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