October 08, 2018

You finally hit the sack after a long day and it feels so good…that is until morning when you wake up with terrible neck or back pain. Why is that? Well, it actually has a lot to do with what we are sleeping on. The right pillow is essential in keeping the neck and back aligned during sleep. When we use an improper pillow, we are not giving our bodies the appropriate positional support for a peaceful slumber. Our neck and back become stressed and many times this can lead to severe pain, even throughout the day.

To prevent this from happening, we need to find a pillow that is the right height and firmness for the individual’s size, sleep position, and personal preferences. That seems like a pretty simple task, however a pillow that is too high or firm doesn’t allow the neck to fully relax during sleep, and a pillow that is too flat also puts strain on the neck so where’s the middle ground?

Best Pillows for Sleep Positions

The way in which you sleep plays a major role in determining the best pillow to buy. Sleeping on your back or side is the best positioning for people who experience pain.

  • Back: When you sleep on your back, a lower pillow is best so it can adequately support and conform to your head and neck.
  • Side: A higher pillow is advised when you sleep on your side, that way the neck and head are aligned straight over the shoulders.
  • Stomach: While sleeping on your stomach is not recommended, for some this is their preferred style. This positioning tends to make the back arch and head turn, which ultimately stresses the neck. A flat and softer pillow should be used to give support without being too thick.

Pick the Best Pillow for You

At Warm Things, we have pillows for every type of sleeper and we break them down by levels, dependent on your position:

Level 1

Soft, recommended for stomach sleepers

Level 2

Soft-Medium, recommended for back sleepers

Level 3

Medium-Firm, recommended for side sleepers

Level 4

Firm, recommended for those who need extra support

The selection of pillows we have vary between plushness and firmness, and many of them can be altered and maneuvered for personal support throughout the night. It is also important to note that our down and feather products are responsibility sourced and are created from natural production of shedding. The three pillows varieties we have are:  

pillow, down, feather, comfort

  • Down: Down pillows are the fluffiest of the three and can easily be manipulated to offer support where it’s needed most. This is especially helpful for those that change their sleep position frequently throughout the night.
  • Down Alternative: Down Alternative pillows are more dense and are a perfect solution for those with down allergies. 
  • Feather: Feather pillows feel lightweight, soft, and usually retain more plushness. They tend to hold their shape well and offer superior support to your head and neck.

All of these pillow types come in soft, medium or firmer support levels. Soft pillows contain less fill, while firm pillows contain more. These differences give the pillows varying heights, and alters the amount of firmness and squish that you feel.

Hopefully with this information, we have made the task of choosing your next pillow pain free. Remember, what we sleep on determines our comfort so it’s imperative that we make the right choice so our nights are filled with peaceful slumber and we wake up ready to take on any day! Let us know your favorite type of pillow by leaving a comment below.


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